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Action Alerts

Dangerous High-Pressure Gas Pipeline Project

Daily call-in campaign to Federal elected officials happening NOW! 

Here's what you can do.

Please contact your federal officials and tell them you are deeply concerned about the AIM pipeline expansion project. Tell them: Please stand with your constituents and insist that fully, independent risk and Health Impact Assessments (HIA) and baseline air and water testing be conducted immediately! Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and other permitting agencies could issue permits as soon as December. Help is urgently needed now!

Senator Schumer: (914) 734-1532
Senator Gillibrand: (845) 875-4585
Congresswoman Lowey: (914) 428-1707 or (845) 639-3485
Congressman Maloney: (845) 561-1259
Governor Cuomo: (518) 474-8390

Please continue to make these important calls as often as possible!
*Click for sample scripts.

There will also be a meeting on Thursday, November 13th at 9am to host environmental advocates and others concerned about the pipeline and its impact on the Park, and provide information to legislators.

Spectra Energy's Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM)pipeline expansion project involves new high-pressure 42" diameter gas pipeline sections slated to run from Stony Point in Rockland County, NY under Hudson River into Westchester and Putnam Counties in NY through Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. New proposed high pressure pipeline segment would intersect with 2 proposed 1,000 megawatt electrical lines (known to spark) within Indian Point nuclear power plant's near Ramapo and Peekskill-Stamford fault lines and in a densely populated region. A gas pipeline rupture could trigger a release of Indian Point's 40 years of radioactive spent fuel.

Indian Point is the only nuclear power plant in the nation sited next to gas pipelines. The new high pressure gas pipeline segment would also run under the rail line for "bomb" trains carrying crude oil through the Hudson Valley region. The new pipeline expansion is routed next to homes, schools, houses of worship,through sensitive parkland, eco-systems and watersheds  Pipelines, compressor, metering and regulating stations are subject to fires, ruptures, explosions and emit thousands of tons of toxic pollutants and greenhouse gases per year, all for gas that is not needed. The pipeline expansion is far larger than capacity requested by distributors, making export and price hikes likely.

This project could be permitted even though it poses a very serious health and safety threat to the region since the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is known for rubber stamping these infrastructure projects putting communities and local economies in harm's way.  Our elected officials must advocate for these critical assessments and measures immediately!For more information, please visit:

Tell Governor Cuomo to Ban Hydrofracking in New York State!

Here's what you can do.

Visit to write a letter to Governor Cuomo and have it hand-delivered to his office and the New York State DEC. You can also use the site to learn more about hydraulic fracturing from the many health and environmental groups linked there.

Call Governor Cuomo at 518-474-8390 or 212-681-4580 and tell him to protect our air, water, foodshed and public health from the hazards of hydrofracking.

Contact your elected officials regularly urging them to support renewable energy development and cease subsidies for development and application of fossil fuels and to reject legislation that involves the use of natural gas (methane) in heating, transportation and energy production.

Urge your State Senator to pass a moratorium on Hydrofracking!

Urge your State Senator to co-sponsor Senator Carlucci's bill (S-4046) to enact a two-year moratorium on fracking which will allow time for the state to fully evaluate the health impacts of fracking. We have only one way to protect New Yorkers from fracking's dangers: to prevent them before they happen. This bill will give us the time to fully study the health impacts of fracking-- so that science can truly drive the state's plans, rather than the heavy hand of the gas industry.

Here is contact information for state senators in Westchester

District 34
Sen. Jeffrey Klein
(718) 822-2049

District 35
Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins
(914) 423-4031

District 36
Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson
(914) 665-2400

District 37
Sen. George Latimer
(914) 934-5250

District 40
Sen. Greg Ball
(845) 279-3773