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Federated Conservationists of Westchester County Inc. (FCWC) was founded in 1965 as a not-for-profit umbrella coalition of dozens of local environmental groups and individuals whose purpose was to form a strong, unified voice for combating pollution, preserving Westchester’s natural resources and important open space, and making sure environmental concerns are included in local land use decisions. In forming the organization, FCWC’s goals were to promote environmentally sound planning and decision making throughout the county, and to educate the public and government officials on the need to protect Westchester’s environment.

As the premier environmental watchdog in Westchester, FCWC has educated its members, government officials, businesses, and the public on a wide range of environmental issues. It fulfills this educational role using its newsletter, "Westchester Environment", workshops, frequent conferences, speaking engagements, roundtables, and testimony at countless hearings before governmental bodies and agencies. FCWC has provided crucial input to county planning on the large "Patterns" study undertaken by the county and on other ongoing issues such as sewage disposal. FCWC’s input has led to increased environmental sensitivity in decision making, and ongoing issues such as sewage disposal. Throughout its history, FCWC also has been the leading voice for adequate funding for county parks maintenance and for purchasing additions to the park system.

FCWC has offered local solutions to global issues. We have expanded our role as a bridge builder between the environmental and business communities and worked to bring all stakeholders together surrounding these important environmental, social, and economic issues.  

It is because of our established reputation as a knowledgeable and responsive environmental organization, and our rich history in the county, that citizens, elected officials, community leaders, and business professionals look to us for an informed view on issues affecting the region. As an umbrella organization, FCWC is uniquely well suited to foster the exchange of resources and ideas from local environmental groups and to channel their efforts to maximize our collective outreach.