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WESC is not currently active

Westchester Environmental Student Council (WESC) is open to all Westchester high school students and teachers interested in learning about environmental issues and supporting efforts to improve the environment in their schools and communities. WESC seeks to take advantage of the wide variety of programs and undertakings of the Westchester environmental community by involving students in existing efforts of environmental organizations, serving as a bridge between young and established advocates. Through this effort, WESC expects to build lasting relationships with environmental organizations and provide students with the opportunity to contribute to ongoing projects.

FCWC’s WESC was part of the first Green Schools Coalition meeting, a 2009 gathering of some of the “greenest” schools in Westchester, coordinated by the Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation (CELF) and the Education Committee of the Westchester County Global Warming Task Force.

Students discussed what they need to improve their own sustainability initiatives, and how they would like to work more closely with school administrators in their schools’ sustainability efforts. These students are now members of WESC, and are joining students who signed on at the Students for a Sustainable Future Expo, the annual event organized by CELF that exposes students to various aspects of sustainability, including growing career opportunities.

Students are enthusiastic about WESC’s transition to the Internet using the free Web site Facebook, where anyone can join the WESC group. Almost 100 students are now members and all are welcome to post notices on upcoming environmental events, pictures of past events, and relevant information and resources. This online portal allows environmentally-minded students from all over Westchester and beyond to easily connect with one another, attend each other’s events, participate in and collaborate on projects, and promote sustainability in a more cohesive way.

While we work on new programs for WESC, visit our Facebook page: Westchester Environmental Student Council.